Sunday January 1st, 2017,
5:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Manivakkam high school
Manivakkam High School, Bharati Nagar, Tamil Nadu 600048,

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"Jan 1" When you hear this what strikes in your mind.... New year eve party so full day sleep, I'm a spiritual person so I'll be off to temple, I'm a family oriented so will spend with family, I'll watch tv programs....this and that etc., Now go and look at your bicycle....see her/him, standing in a corner, bold and beautiful. See the sizzling beauty, ain't he/she a pretty princess or a handsome prince? He/she carried you to all the nook and corner of the city, made you explore made you say wow at the sunrise, mist or fog, scenic, even if she/he put you down it made you rise like ever before and reborn. All the explorations, BRMs, endurances, podiums she/he gave you. How can you ignore her on the first day of the calendar year? Don't you think it's unfair?!

Can we all unite and say thanks to her/him and do justice for the sport we love?

When: Jan 1st
How many kms: Just 100
Venue : Mannivalkam High School
Start & Finish Point - Mannivalkam High School
Start and End Time - 5:30 AM to 12:30 AM
Pit stops - 3 pitstops.

Route map -

Take away: Many new cyclist friendships, exploring new route, burfies and bananas in pitstops, stunning hex badge, of course lots of learning.
Route Map: Will be published in coming days

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