Saturday November 26th, 2016,
5:30 AM to 7:00 AM

Besant Nagar Beach
beach area next to Thalappakatti biryani, Besant Nagar Beach,

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Mental da! Sandplay is a group functional workout designed to give you a flavour of the basic elements of functional training. 

Designed as a series of mini drills, consisting of agility, reaction, resistance, strength and conditioning excercises, it challenges your limits in a high energy group setting.

Nov 26th session will cover basics of body-weight exercises. We would focus on how to do a proper pushup, squat, lunge, plank and mountain climber along with other variations

Timing and location

Nov 26 5:30 - 7 AM

Besant Nagar beach, beach area next to Thalappakatti biryani


15mins icebreaker

15mins static and dynamic stretching

40mins group workout

20mins cool down+socials


For age groups 20 - 40

This activity is not advised for people having current or prior history of blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, ligament injury or a heart condition. Please fill in all details of known health conditions at the time of registration


Mental da! Fitness+community

Our goal is to bring together people seeking highest levels of athletic performance, personal growth, creative inspiration and deeper social connections

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