Saturday December 17th, 2016,
5:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Banerji Road, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala 682020,

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 India’s largest Neon Run party is back! And this time in Nammalude Kochi!


Prepare to be wonderstruck as you glide through different Glow Zones throughout the race that brings your Neon to Life.


Mirchi Neon Run, is a fun run, open to all age groups. Participants paint themselves in the Neon Coloursprovided and enjoy a fun mini marathon of a distance of 5 kms. Post the run, we have a Neon Party with an incredible display of lights and sounds by one of India’s best DJs along with Radio Mirchi 104FM’s Top RJs


Now all that’s left is to….. Ready, Set, Glow !!

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that confirmed registrations are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be modified.

  • The application form and the right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant under this application form is at the sole discretion of ENIL, and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. The actual applicant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.

  • Age criteria for participating in Mirchi Neon Run 2016 is 6 years and above.

  • If this registration is being made on behalf of a minor, I confirm that I am the parent / guardian of the child and that he/She has my permission to take part in the event. I further concur that all the above rules shall apply to him/her as if he/she were a major.

  • In case of minor Participants, their parents/guardian need to declare that all the information provided by them is true and complete and that they will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the said information.

  • Minors need to be accompanied by a parent or an adult at the Mirchi Neon Run. Minors can only participate in the ______ km___ run category with parents. Minor here refers to anyone below 13 years of age.

  • You (in case of minor Participants, their parents/guardian) must also submit “Waiver Form”. In the aforesaid Waiver Form, the parents/guardian must also mention their relation with the minor.

  • Provide us with a secure email ID/mobile no that you can access regularly, since this will be our primary means of communication during the run up to the event.

  • Users of email services that offer filtering/blocking of messages from unknown email address should add this email id to their address list.

  • We will be sending regular updates to the Mobile number you have provided in the registration form this should be not treated as spam and you shall not take any action against our bulk sms service provider.

  • Any notice sent to the email address registered with the organizers shall be deemed as received by the runners.

  • Please fill out only those fields that are necessary for mailing purposes. Do not provide redundant data in multiple fields (i.e., do not list the same data for city, province and country), as this will only complicate our ability to contact you, if necessary.

  • ENIL reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from competition who gives incorrect personal data/details on the entry, who is suspected of having taken banned substances. No refund of entry fee will be made.

  • You need to be aware that this Event comprises of physical activities and that the Participants would be deemed to have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions with respect to this Event. You also agree that you are participating in the Event at your own will, risk and responsibility and that ENIL shall not in any way be obligated or liable for any loss or costs that you may suffer or incur and nothing is payable to you for participating in the Event.

  • You are aware that running long distance running is an extreme sport and can be injurious to body and health. You take full responsibility for participating in the MIRCHI NEON RUN event and do not hold the organizing committee or any of its members or entities responsible for any injury or accident.

  • You shall consult your physician and undergo complete medical examination to assess your suitability to participate in the event.

  • You also assume all risks associated with participating in this event including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the condition of the road, arson or terrorist threats and all other risks associated with a public event.

  • You agree that MIRCHI NEON RUN shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury that might occur as a result of your participation in the event. You further agree that ENIL and its respective directors, employees, affiliates, agents and representatives shall in no manner whatsoever be responsible and/or be held liable for any damage, loss, expenses (including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential loss) arising/incurred from personal injury, death, mental trauma or loss of, or damage to property caused to you or any party in connection with or by participating in the Event.

  • You agree to abide by the instructions provided by the organizers from time to time in the best interest of your health and event safety.

  • You also agree to stop running if instructed by the Race director or the medical staff or by the aid station volunteers.


  • You are to participate only in the run category for which you had applied and for which your entry has been confirmed. 

  • Your entry and running number bib is not transferable to any other person under any circumstance.

  • Disqualification in case Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib with another individual.

  • Every runner must wear his/her running number bib on the front of the vest worn. Any mutilation, fold, alteration or damage to the bib will amount to disqualification of the runner from the event.

  • For security reason participants are requested to cooperate with the police and security personnel deputed at the event venue and on route. Participants/supporters are liable to random checking on race day.

  • By participating in the Event you grant ENIL the royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, non-transferable, exclusive right in perpetuity to conduct interviews, shoot, record, take photographs with you jointly or severally, with any other Participant or person as required for the purpose of the promotion of the Event and/or use, permit to use the same and your information for any other multimedia activation/event which shall include trade publications, press releases, electronic posting to the Website, the ENIL website, social network pages, any other media property or any display format selected, owned or controlled by ENIL. 

  • During the Event, you agree not to advertise or sell any products, services or otherwise (whether or not for profit), or solicit others (including, without limitation, solicitations for contributions or donations, or use your participation in the said Event for commercial purposes of any kind, or in any way that is unlawful, or harms ENIL`s interests or any other person or entity, as determined by ENIL/ at its sole discretion, or use another person`s name, likeness, voice, image or photograph or impersonate any person (including any celebrity, known personality) or entity or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or entity, or disrespect any national emblem, symbol, national flag or any other international emblem or symbol, or engage in any form of anti-social, anti-religious, defamatory, disrupting, or destructive acts during the Event. You will be solely liable for any act arising out of any act mentioned as above. ENIL does not take any responsibility of the same. ENIL cannot, and will not assure that other users are or will be complying with the foregoing rules or any other provisions of these Terms, and, as between the you and ENIL, you hereby assume all risk of harm or injury resulting from any such lack of compliance.

  • You may acknowledge and agree that your personal information can be stored and used by MIRCHI NEON RUN or any other company in connection with the organization, promotion and administration of the event and for the compilation of statistical information.

  • You confirm that, in the event of adverse weather conditions, major incidents or threats on the day, any of the force majeure or restriction by authority, the organizers reserve the right to stop/cancel/postpone the event. You understand that confirmed registrations and merchandise orders are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be modified. The organizers reserve the right to reject any application without providing reasons.

  • ENIL shall not be responsible for any of your belongings. 

  • Baggage counters have not been provided at the Event venue and thus, you are advised to carry minimum required belongings.

  • You have to agree that ENIL reserves the right to restrict your entry at the Event venue at any time.

  • Participants shall, at all times, carry their identity cards duly recognized by the Government of India.

  • Runners are recommended to stay off the course beyond the cut-off time considering the safety and traffic regulations.

  • In case for any reason you cannot turn up on race day, no refund of any form will be given.

  • Participants must personally appear for collecting the running Bibs. Bibs can be distributed in-absentee with written consent of the registered runners.

  • We request total co-operation from runners in this regards.

  • The courts at Mumbai shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes arising out of this Event or relating to the use of the ENIL services for this Event. The governing law shall be the law of India.



NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING CONTRARY CONTAINED IN THE AFORESAID TERMS, I _______________________ (on behalf of myself in case I am participating or in the capacity of the guardian in case of a minor i.e. ‘ward’) recognize that there may be risks associated with attending and/or participating in the Event, including, without limitation, risks which include the risk of injury (including without limitation, serious bodily harm, minimal injury, serious injury, catastrophic injury, death etc);


I acknowledge, agree and confirm that participating in the Event or any part thereof involves inherent risks and dangers of accidents, personal and bodily injury and that by signing and completing this Waiver and Release Form, I fully understand and have considered and evaluated the nature, scope and extent of the risks involved, and voluntarily and freely choose to assume these risks;


I/my ward am/are in good physical and mental health and I/my ward am/are physically capable of participating, and fully competent to participate, as a Participant in the Event and that I/my ward have not been certified and/or advised otherwise by any qualified medical practitioner;


Being fully cognizant and aware of the risks involved in participating in such Event, I hereby fully and willingly assume those risks. I HEREBY WAIVE ANY CLAIMS OR CAUSES OF ACTION which I may now have or hereafter arises against ENIL, its affiliates and its officers arising out of or connected to my/my ward’s participation in the Event, and I will indemnify and hold harmless ENIL and all its officers against any and all claims against any such entity or person resulting from the same.

In the event I/my ward should sustain any injuries or illness while attending and/or participating in Event at any venue/place, I hereby authorize ENIL or its agents to administer, or cause to be administered, such first aid or other treatment and such medications as may be reasonable under the circumstances, including, without limitation, treatment by a physician or hospital of ENIL’s choice.

This Release shall be binding upon my heirs, personal representatives and legal representatives.