Sunday October 11th, 2015,
7:00 AM to 7:45 AM

Madras Motor Race Track(MMRT).

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Practice Ride: 1. Practice ride / Warm up rides is not permitted after 7am on the race track. 2. Trainers / Rollers can be used in designated areas only Results: 1. Results of all participants along with timings in each category will be published in the face book page after completion of the event 2. All participants will be given a participation certificate on successful completion of the race within time limits. Prizes: Winner will be awarded a) Cash Prize b) Winner Shield / Trophy c) TCC Jersey d) Certificate Runner-up will be awarded a) Cash Prize b) Runner-up Shield / Trophy c) Certificate Second Runner-up will be awarded a) Cash Prize b) Second Runner-up Trophy c) Certificate The details on cash prizes are being finalized and will be published shortly. Prizes for primes and additional positions will be notified before start of the event. Second position will be applicable in case there are more than 10 participants in a category and similarly Third position will be applicable when there are more than 20 participants in the category. TCC Championship 2015-16 Point System: 1. The first 8 positions in each category will get the following points : 25,20,16,13,10,8,6,4 2. Positions 9 and above will be given 2 points each for successful completion of the ride before the end time. These points will be added to the overall TCC Championship 2015-16 points table. Registration: 1. Complete this registration form with all required details 2. The registration fee is Rs.250. 3. All registrations must be completed only through this e-form. 4. Registration closes on 6th Oct 2015, 23:59 hrs 5. Spot registrations will be charged Rs.400 6. Bib distribution and registration fee collection will be done on 10th Oct 2015 between 9:00am to 5:00pm Venue details to be published shortly. Support: At the start point: 1. Basic tools and Cycle pump will be available 2. Refreshments (Water, Enerzal, Banana,..) During the Race: 1. First Aid Kit, 2. Ambulance and Medical team on standby At the Finish point: 1. Basic tools and Cycle pump will be available 2. Refreshments (Water, Enerzal, Banana,..) 3. Breakfast 4. First Aid Kit Support vehicles (Participants): 1. No support vehicles are allowed on the track. 2. Participants need to get a vehicle pass to park their vehicles at the venue Safety Guidelines: 1. SAFETY must be the single most important aspect of the ride observed by all riders. You are responsible for your own safety. 2. Ensure that your bike is in a good and safe-to-ride condition. 3. Use of Helmet is mandatory at all times during the ride (No Helmet No Ride!) General safety requirements: 1. Signal your intentions when stopping, turning or passing using arm signals and voice commands such as "Stopping!", 2. Stay calm and focused on the track. Let others know if you see something unsafe on the track. Rules: 1. Line up at the starting line 2. Any action or omission that creates an unfair advantage for one rider over another will lead to disqualification of the rider seeking the unfair advantage. 3. Ride through the finish line and continue riding in the same direction so as not to interfere with riders finishing behind. 4. Riders must submit a original ID card (Driving license / School ID / Voter ID..) to the race organizers at the registration desk / start point for issual of a transponder device. The original ID card will be returned after receipt of the transponder device at the end of the race. 5. Riders shall not approach the timekeepers for information on individual timings / positions prior to the announcement of official results. 6. The decision of the Race Director is final and shall be binding on all participants. 7. Follow the rules and ride in the spirit of friendly competition. 8. An indemnity MUST be signed before start of the event. 9. Participants must strictly adhere to the timeline given above. 10. Participants will be disqualified if found involved in any malpractice. 11. For safety reasons, the Race Director / Marshal reserve the right to stop the race at any point. The race may be resumed depending on the situation. 12. The race distance may be reduced due to unavoidable reasons. 13. In the event, the participant is lapped out by the lead group, the participant cannot continue to compete in the event and must pull over at the next marshal post.

I acknowledge that the sport of cycling event ‘TCC CritRace 2015’ on 11th Oct, 2015 conducted by Tamilnadu Cycling Club herein after called (“TCC”) is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential risk for death, serious injury and property loss. There are both known and unanticipated risks. The known risks include, but are not limited to travails by road, temperature, weather, the physical and mental condition of the participants including my own physical and mental condition, my acts or omissions or failure to act, first aid, emergency treatment or other services rendered, consumption of food or drink, lack of hydration, latent or apparent defects or conditions in any equipment or property supplied by TCC, or other persons and/or entities, vehicular traffic and actions of other people including any other external events. I understand and acknowledge that the above listing is not complete or exhaustive, and that other risks, known or unknown, identified or unidentified, anticipated or unanticipated, foreseeable or unforeseeable, may also result in injury, or damage to myself or property, and I expressly accept and acknowledge those risks not specifically listed above as well. I expressly agree, covenant, and promise to accept and assume all responsibility and risk for injury, death, illness or disease, damage to myself or to property, to participants, spectators or to other third parties and their property, arising from or relating to my participation in TCC - organised practices, activities and/or events and all related activities. I am voluntarily electing to participate in, attend, TCC organised activities and/or events in spite of these risks. I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in TCC organised practices, activities and/or events and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. I irrevocably waive, release and forever discharge from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action of whatever nature or kind and all liability of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me in connection with my participating in, TCC organised practices, activities and/or events, TCC - their past, present and future executive members, officers, members, employees, servants, volunteers, representatives, and agents, event holders, event sponsors, event directors, event volunteers, and event officials, (collectively the “Releasees”) I HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS AND PROMISE TO INDEMNIFY AND NOT TO SUE the Releasees and the sponsors of TCC organised practices, activities and/or events, the organizers and, and employees through or by which practices and/or events will be held, (the foregoing are also collectively deemed to be Releasees) FROM ANY AND ALL RIGHTS AND CLAIMS INCLUDING CLAIMS ARISING FROM THE RELEASEE’S OWN NEGLIGENCE. Place: Chennai Dated: 11-Oct-2015 I acknowledge that I have read, understood the terms and conditions stated above and I am in agreement of the same.