Sunday April 10th, 2016,
7:00 AM to 9:00 AM

Anna University

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Category -

There will be two Categories of the Run ( actually, we can even Walk !) – 2 km and 5 km – suitable for children, short distance walkers of all ages, not only from the Freemasons’ fraternity but from the running groups and general public as well. The plan is to give an opportunity to those who find it difficult to take part in Marathons  extending to long distances of 10 km, 21km and 42 km. When a non-regular Runner is rewarded with rewards for the effort, he/she is likely to convert that into a daily habit and the health awareness becomes a part of  his life.

 Venue & Time of run-

Both the Runs will be held within the Nandanam YMCA Grounds and adjoining campus and will be conducted between 7 am and 9 am.

There will be a pre-Run programme of  eminent Star Runners giving  tips on stretching and efficiency of Walking/Running. Along the Route there will be Water Points with refreshments/nourishments and also Cheer groups to pep up the participants. On completion, they will be awarded the Finisher’s Medal and Breakfast.

 There will be time-pass entertainments like Magic show, face Painting, Balloon sculpting, Mehendhi art etc during the event .
We are likely to have the presence of some famous celebrity personalities to add flavor and glamour to the event.

Registration Fee -
Every participant will receive a T-Shirt, which will be distributed along with the Bib a day before the event. Registrations will be done through Donor Passes valued at Rs.500 per person and also Online registration.

 1. Concept of Short Run - Marathons of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km  distances are high-intensity, high-endurance sports and can be done only by regular runners. We have limited our FB Run to 2 km and 5 km to facilitate non-Marathon Runners, Children and normal people of all ages to participate and develop the habit of regular Walking/Running. This is a health awareness initiative aimed at removing the sedentary aspect in our lifestyles and adding pep into it. It is also an opportunity to connect Freemasonry with the general public. In India disorders such as Diabetes, Hypertension are prevalent and having the habit of regular Walk/Jog will greatly delay or totally rule out their onset. FBR 2015 is aimed to impart this habit among non-Marathoners.

 2. Cost-Benefit - The Entry Fee of Rs.500 covers the following costs:

        a) a 100% Polyester T-Shirt
        b) Finisher's Medal
        c) Bib with runner's name and number
        d) Sling goody bag
        e) Refreshments en route the Run
        f) South-Indian Breakfast after the Run
        g) Pre-Run health tips from Star Marathon Runners
        h) Fun time for children - Face Paint, Balloon Sculpture, Magic
        i) Physiotherapy after Run
        j) Contribute towards Charity 
        k) Partaking in the Run itself with hundreds of others will be an exhilarating experience
  We am sure you will find this very good value for the money !

3. Charity Beneficiaries - We have identified Avvai Home Orphanage and Madras Dyslexia Association as the Charity beneficiaries, to start with. A few more such projects will be added in due course. 


Freemasonry is arguably the world’s oldest  secular fraternal organisaion based on the principles of  Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man with the main motto of ‘Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth’ . In its present form, Freemasonry was established  in England in 1717 and spreading  over to India in 1729. The Grand Lodge of India was established in 1969 with 145 Lodges (A ‘Lodge’ represents a  Branch or Chapter. There are reportedly over 6 million Freemasons in the world today, almost is every country. In India, there are 360 Lodges in 142 locations, divided into the four Regions of North, South, East and West, the  Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India having the most number and within the RGLSI, the Chennai Region has 21 Lodges with over 2,000 Members, men of high rank and society. For more details, please log on and
Charity is an integral part of Freemasonry and every Lodge spends substantial time, energy and money for the welfare of the needy. Mush or all of this is not publisized. One of the upcoming programmes aimed to spread Heal Consciousness among all age groups and to earmark the proceeds to Charity projects, we in Lodge Srinivasa Gopala No.190 are organizing a Run in Chennai on 22nd Nov 2015.


Terms and Conditions

    1. Entry Fees, once paid, is non – refundable and non – transferble.
    2. Participation at individual’s own discretion and risk.
    3. Organisers will not hold any liablility or responsibility over the health of the Participants during the event.
    4. Under unavoidable or compelling situations, the date/time of the event may be changed, at the sole discretion of the Organizers and the Participants will not be entitled for any compensation for the same.
    5. Participants are expected to maintain discipline within the campus of the event and if the Organizers find any Participant not abiding by the norms, he/she will be not allowed to Participate.
    6. Organizers will not be held responsible for the loss / theft / damage of any property of the Participants during the event.
    7. Except the Participants, their guests are not allowed to use the campus for any other purposes; they are not allowed to take the Refreshments arranged for the Participants only.
    8. The Participants agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Organizers stipulated time to time.
    9. Donor Pass Coupon to be brought to Freemasons’ Hall, Chesney lane, 14 Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai – 600008 on Saturday 12th March 2016 between 10 am and 4 pm to collect the kit. Please retain the Donor Pass Coupon carefully.
    10.  For enquries contact : Mobile : 9884275497


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