Sunday August 20th, 2017,
6:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Marina Beach
Light House,

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Freedom Fighters Marathon

Event date:-13th August 2017

Run distance:- 3km, 5Km & 10Km

Registration fee:- 600/-

Starts Time:- 6.00 am

Venue: - Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai.

There are many countries where women are still not recognized even as humans & we are talking about Education, I hail from Andhra Pradesh , state of India & i strongly believe if we educate a women / girl child we are not only securing her life her future but of course we are contributing to the nations development, development can be seen through a women's eyes. basing on this idea in far flung Andhra Pradesh state in India i with my team are going to launch a project on the Girl Child " Let Me LIVE, Let Me READ" this project will be focusing on areas of educating adolescents on life skills, combat all sorts of violence against women & girl child, we are going to involve district administration, field workers from health, social sector, Anganwadis, community n the project will target in a very innovative way college & schools as institutional support, we are not having any specific funding bet we are still rolling out the project in our program areas of Kadapa District in Andhra Pradhesh State , our Organization" Sai Sree Sukhino Bhavanthu" will be actively focusing on flagship programmes of centre " Beti Bachao- Beti Padhao".

Our main focus would be enrollment of girl child, drop-outs, arranging special evening classes for school goers, drop outs & this would be done with support from school & college students of those areas who are good at studies will impart free classes to these poor, underprivileged children's, also we will be collecting books & study material s from students who have been promoted to next higher level.

If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation. The world has Advanced a lot but still a number of people are against girls education

In our Project we will emphasis on two key areas one is instead of throwing your books n study materials - lend it to our poor & underprivileged special friends Second is instead of wasting pocket money on drugs, tobacco, harmful consumption, share your money with these children, Second one is Boys, men families & institutions will be made to understand women & girl child existence & their sustainability in our country. from this September our project will be rolled out, we need suggestions , if any please do write to us at

"Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons.

"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first."

These and many more are some of the valuable reasons why we should all support education for girls. For every boy that is educated, every girl should be educated too.

Join hands and support #education for all boys and girls. No one should be left out.

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