Saturday March 24th, 2018,
7:00 AM Onwards

Chettinad Sarvalokaa Sports Arena,
Chettinad Health City, OMR,

Online ticket sales is closed


Chettinad- Sarvalokka Education in partnership with SPARRC institute is hosting Family Fitnic, day  of  Fitness, Food and Fun. A family event which is a celebration of fitness, wellbeing and togetherness for families. A family that plays together, stays together. 


A fun run for children between age 3-12.

Categories:  Age Group 3-5 : 1 Km

Age Group 6- 12 : 3 Km & 5 Km


A 5 Km run for adults and children above 13. 

Fun events for children

    • Shoot the ball into the Basket.
    • Dribble your way to the goal post. 

Category :  Age Group 3-5 / Age Group 6-8 / Age Group 9-12 


Joyful walkathon by a grandparent - grandchild team for a distance of 1 km. 

Badminton Doubles  

A friendly match for those who enjoy the game more than a run. Family nominates two members as players for the game. Limited Registrations. 

Fitness Treasure Hunt 

No pain, No gain! An event for the family to work together to find the treasure through a range of activities  that takes every member of the family through balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, accuracy and reaction time.  

Limited Registrations. A family of 4 to register as a team. 

Fitter families, Better Future’

Interactive session with Dr. Kannan Pughazhendi. 

(Internationally reputed sports medicine expert who has served as the team physician for prominent national and International sporting events.) 


Phone no: 98415 92000 

Online Registrations : Kidathon (Age 3 - 5), Kidathon (Age 6-12), 5K Run (Age 13 to 18), 5K Run (Age 18 and above), Football dribbling (Age 6-12), Basketball shooting (Age 6-12), Joyathon (1 grandchild & 1 Grandparent) 

Mobile Registration: 

Badminton Doubles (only 2 members)       (or)

Fitness Treasure Hunt (4 members only) 

Contact number: 98415 92000, 98840 94743 & 96596 50000


Note: Every member is permitted to participate in not more than two events other than Family Treasure Hunt / Badminton Doubles.