Sunday July 2nd, 2017,
5:00 AM to 11:00 AM


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MAATTRAM MARATHON 2K17”  with the cause “Run for change.. Run for sports”..


Every human is in search of a CHANGE in their life...

At mattram our vision is to bring the CHANGE

and also to be a part of CHANGE to every life on earth.

We believe that The MAATTRAM MARATHON will bring a positive change to every participants of this marathon, where every participants chooses the most difficult distance and believing that finishing it will bring the CHANGE for which they ran for... because  if there is no struggle.. there is no progress..



The MAATTRAM MARATHON 2K17  stands alone from the rest of the marathon with its unique cause i.e. “An aid for deserving sports persons” and it is a student’s initiative,

In an aid for deserving sports persons” we have selected 20 sports persons who are outstanding in sports but couldn’t go any further from the state level to nationals and beyond because of poverty, we the MAATTRAM TRUST is conducting this marathon purely to raise funds for this 20 sports persons and MAATTRAM will sponsor them for an entire year and also to create an awareness among people about the importance of sports.

So lets join our hands to help these amazing sports talents”

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