Sunday September 24th, 2017,
3:00 PM Onwards

VIT University - Chennai Campus,
Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road, Chennai - 600127,

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Our Esteemed Educational Institution VIT University Chennai Campus, is organizing a Mega Event “VIT UNIVERSITY CHENNAI NATIONAL LEVEL KIDS Marathon 2017” on 24 September 2017, Sunday to promote POOR CHILDREN EDUCATION and raise money for the specified social cause. The Mission of this event is to create awareness on education as well as inculcate the importance of the sports in young minds of future India. So that the Social Development can be achieved on bringing up the change in young minds for the social change through sports.

Assembling time:

CATEGORY 1(1600MTS) : 2 P.M,

CATEGORY 2(1200MTS) : 3 P.M,

CATEGORY 3(800MTS) : 2 P.M ,

CATEGORY 4 (400MTS): 3 P.M ,

CATEGORY 5(200MTS) : 2 P.M ,

CATEGORY 6(100 MTS) : 3 P.M.

  • Each participant to fill out a registration form by providing details in all the fields as required including T-shirt size, mail id and phone number.
  • The event will be held on the 24th September 2017 at VIT University, Chennai Campus.
  • The event will start at 3:00 pm onwards at VIT University, Chennai Campus.
  • You must show photo ID, date of birth proof & registration document to receive your Marathon race number.
  • Age group and race category will be strictly followed.
  • Participants must reach the venue at least 60 minutes before the race to complete the registration formalities and do some warm up before the race starts.
  • You must pick up your Marathon race kit, in person, on September 24th  -2017, 60 minutes prior the start of the event at VIT University, Chennai Campus.
  • You should not damage or mishandle the property at VIT University, Chennai Campus, any damages found you are liable for it.
  • Race will be under 6 categories and each of them will be for a specific age group, Eligibility criteria is date of birth. All participants need to comply.
  • Clear marking will be made at the venue and runners must ensure they follow the same.
  • Volunteer support will be there to guide the runners.
  • All runners must wear running shoes, barefoot running will not be allowed.
  • The participant must be in good health and physically prepared to run.
  • The participant should be accompanied by parent/guardian
  • Failure to comply with any of the rules may lead to disqualification
  • The decision of the organizers is final at all stages.
  •  Cancellations-Entry fees are NON-Refundable and entries are NON-Transferable.
  • Once we receive and accept your entry , there will be no refund ,if you cannot participate
  • In case of any adverse weather conditions , organizers will still try their level best to conduct the event , if owing to safety requirements the event cannot be conducted then as a last resort event may have to be cancelled , however cancellation fees will not be refunded.
  • The amount collected will be used for charitable cause for children
  • Participants are responsible for their own safety and belongings
  • VIT University will not be responsible for any losses/injuries caused to the participants during the course of the event.



I,(father / mother / guardian) of participant hereby state as follows:

1) That the information about the participant provided at the time of registration is true and correct as per records and to the best of my knowledge. In the event if any information is found to be false, I understand that the participant can be automatically disqualified at any stage and that the registration fees paid shall stand forfeited and further that the participant shall not be entitled to any medal/certificate and in the event any such award or recognition is already conferred then the same is liable to be withdrawn.

2) I shall be solely responsible for the care of the participant all times and for their conduct and behavior and shall ensure that the participant is supervised at all times under proper adult care while at the venue or otherwise and throughout the duration of the event. I understand that in the event of any act by the participant including indiscipline/ misbehavior, violation of safety rules and university rules, etc., the organizers reserve the right to remove the participant together with any person accompanying the participant from the venue.

3) I have read and accept all the rules and regulations, as also detailed on VIT University National Level Chennai Kids Marathon Facebook page, Instagram page and Twitter page and as updated from time to time.

I understand that the organizers reserve the right to change rules, regulations, event conditions and I accept that the organizers’ decision shall be final and binding in respect of all matters concerning the event.

4) I fully understand that this is a sporting event and there is a possibility of risk of injury to the participant and I agree to hold the organizers indemnified and harmless in this regard.

5) I agree that the event being an outdoor event is subject to vagaries of weather and while the organizers would endeavor to conduct the event under as per schedule, in the event of bad weather, poor ground conditions, reasons of Act of God or for any other unforeseen reason and/or in the interest of health and safety and wellbeing of all participants, preventing the organizers from organizing the event, then I agree that the organizers shall have complete discretion and I shall not hold the organizers responsible for any loss, damages, etc. ,arising out of such non conduct/cancellation of the event.

6) I am aware and understand that the proceeds of this event will be used for charity purposes and as such in the event of cancellation of the event as discussed in paragraph 5) above, there will be no refund of the registration fees.

7) I agree that the vendors at the event such as food caterers and games stall providers would be available at the event for the benefit of children and other visitors and that these vendors are not the agents of the organizers and in the event of any issues concerning the vendors, I shall hold only the vendors liable and not the organizers.

8)By virtue of signing this document, I/We confirm that I/We have read and understood the contents of this declaration and I/We hereby confirm the participation of my child/warden and I/We hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organizers at all times.